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Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains

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Product Type
PVC Strip Curtains Transparent
Transparent, White, Tint Blue
Custom Made
Thickness (mm) 
2mm, 3mm,4mm,5mm
Wide range
200mm to 400mm
UV Protection
-15ºC to +50ºC.
Office Use, Data Center, Server Room, Commercial areas, etc..
Anti static PVC strip curtains are common in clean rooms and Data Centers. Strips dissipate static build up and prevent static discharge. These Antistatic Curtains are critical for applications where any electrical discharge could pose an explosion risk or damage critical components. Unlike topically treated antistatic materials which can wear off after prolonged use, our line of industrial curtains is completely antistatic. Application were used Anti static strip curtains for: Surface electric resistance Used for anti-static protection in processes/work site and for segregation dust-free rooms. Light green tint for identification. Reduces static electricity from objects or persons, dissipating it back into the atmosphere. Used in clean rooms, computer component assembly areas, etc.

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