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Freezer Room Air Curtain

The Air star cold/Freezer models are an improved range of industrial air curtains that are temperature rated from minus 25 degrees centigrade (-25C ) to plus 60 degrees centigrade ( +60C) which makes these units the perfect solution as a cold room air curtain . It’s provide a powerful ambient air seal across the opening of cold rooms or refrigerated stores to prevent the cold air from escaping and warm air from entering the cold room or refrigerated area. These cold room air curtains remove the requirement fast acting shutter doors or plastic strip curtains, ensuring that forklift drivers and staff are given total visibility and the added convenience of unhindered access and most importantly improving safety to all concerned. The other benefits of the air curtains when used in a cold room / freezer / or chiller stores application are An energy saving solution- a study has shown energy savings of over 50% when compared to an open door -an ever increasing important factor for the industrial and cold users. A constant climate in the cold room /store – also a significant reduction in the formation of icing and misting. Cold Storage room air curtain creates an optimal climate separation between the cold store and the loading area, guaranteeing that the temperature in the cold store remains at a constant level. Moreover, this solution allows you to keep doors open, thus promoting easier logistics and a significant reduction in the formation of mist and ice.