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Frosted PVC Strip Curtains

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Product Type
PVC Strip Curtains Fog Transparent
Custom Made
Thickness (mm) 
2mm, 3mm,4mm,5mm
Wide range
200mm to 400mm
UV Protection
-15ºC to +50ºC.
Office Use, Hospital, Kitchen, Shopping mall, Commercial areas, etc..
Frosted PVC allows a level of visibility through openings, whilst maintaining a degree of privacy required in some applications. Frosted PVC is a semi opaque PVC that allows light to shine through the material whilst creating a cloudy visibility. When an object is close up to the material you can see the detail of the object, however, for objects at a distance the frosted nature of the material ensures that area behind the PVC remains private. Frosted PVC usages: Used extensively in applications that want to avoid prying eyes and where maintaining privacy is a major concern. Ideal for use in: • Commercial Kitchens with open access to customers • Offices where area segregation is required for privacy • Mortuaries and Undertakers • Stores and stock areas, etc.

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