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Step into Cleanliness, Step out with Confidence with Air star ABS Hand Dryer.

Hand dryers are essential restroom appliances designed to quickly and effectively dry hands after washing. They provide a hygienic alternative to traditional paper towels, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Hand dryers are commonly found in various public facilities such as airports, restaurants, malls, offices, and hospitals, offering convenience and cleanliness to users.

Hand dryers

Power Rating: Typically ranges from 1000 watts to 2500 watts
Air Speed: Varies between 100 to 400 mph (miles per hour)
Drying Time: Usually around 10 to 15 seconds
Motor Type: High-speed brushless or carbon brush motor
Sensor Type: Infrared sensor for touchless operation
Mounting Options: Wall-mounted or recessed installation
Dimensions: Width, height, and depth dimensions vary depending on the model
Noise Level: Low noise operation for user comfort
Certifications: Compliance with relevant safety and quality standards

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