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AIR STAR Air Curtains are used for a wide variety of applications from thermal barriers at shopping mall entrances, to fly and insect prevention at restaurant service doors, to factory freight doors for wind resistance and temperature separation. The air curtain enables traffic to flow unobstructed through openings while maintaining distinct environments, thus resulting in energy savings. The most common type of air curtain is the horizontal, non- recirculating, single jet type. It will satisfy the majority of needs for commercial and industrial applications. The discharge velocity of the air curtain can range from 600 ft/min, for entrance ways, to over 5,000 ft/min, for sealing environments from wind effects and insects. The Leading Edge Technical Guide is designed to assist the air curtain planner in understanding how this technology works, where air curtains are typically used, and their advantages. This document provides a complete description of Leading Edge Air Curtains including construction, performance, accessories and installation. Also included is an energy savings calculation procedure, along with a compilation of the most frequently asked questions.

How Air Curtains Work

Air curtain consist of a fan and nozzle system which create a jet of high velocity air directed across a door opening, providing a protective air shield. The air shield minimizes the transfer of heat, moisture, dust, fumes and insects through the doorway. Air curtains, as illustrated in Figure 1, pull in air and accelerate it through the fan and nozzle system, thus creating a moving wall of air across the opening or doorway. The air curtain fan adds kinetic energy to the air, providing the resistance to the penetration of unwanted air or particles. This added kinetic energy in the discharge air also resists the penetration of outside air due to the wind, as well as the invasion of insects. The air is provided at a critical velocity and volume flow as well as at a discharge angle selected for its particular application. Applications are: Thermal Barriers for conditioned space isolation; Wind Resistance for protecting exterior doorways in buildings from unconditioned air; Interior Separation for particle and dust control; and Fly and Insect Control for sanitation maintenance. Each application is discussed in more detail in the following pages.

Advantages of Air Curtains

Air Curtain Specification:

Air curtain provide environmental separation for open doorways. This is achieved without the drawbacks of visibility-limiting solid barriers such as strip and impact doors. Air curtains reduce the risk of accidents by allowing vehicles and people to move through without obstructions to visibility or movement. While allowing this freedom of movement through doorways, air curtains minimize the natural convection flow of air, provide excellent resistance to the penetration of outside winds, and prevent the intrusion of flies and insects, fumes and dust. Air curtains also reduce mechanical door maintenance costs, and are more aesthetically appealing than plastic strip doors or high- speed doors. For fly and insect control the air curtain projects the high velocity jet across the opening, Proper design, selection and installation of an air curtain will allow this standard to be met, maintaining sanitary conditions.

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Body: CRCA / Stainless Steel
Blowers: Aluminium / SS / ABS
Velocity: 12 to 16
Size: Custom made
RPM: 1400mph
Noise Level: 55 dB
Power Suply:  1 Phase, 50 Hz / 440V. AC.,3 Phase, 50
Available Models: Universal, Industrial, Heavy Duty, Industrial
Available Sizes : 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5feet, 6 feet.

Commercial Air Curtain

Air star commercial Air curtains are some of the best ways to save energy and protect your business from heat exchange and incoming contaminants. It can be added to many businesses at low cost,resulting in great energy savings over time. Save energy year round by providing a thermal barrier, stopping drafts and reducing infiltration of outdoor air into heated or air conditioned areas. Quick Return on Investment –Invest to Air curtain, often in less than two years, in energy cost savings alone. Commercial Air Curtains are suitable for Shopping mall, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Stores, Hospitals, Offices, Pharmaceutical, Chemical industry , Food Processing Plants, and Bank setc.

Industrial Air Curtain

Air star Industrial air curtains provide a barrier of high velocity air that helps block incoming winds and stops warm air escaping. Itachieving this by delivering a powerful barrier of ambient air across the entire width of the doorway. The – often large – open doors cause a lot of heat loss and disturb the indoor climate. Air star has developed air curtains that provide unrestricted access for transport purposes and prevent the different climates from intermixing, which leads to healthy working conditions and well-conditioned rooms. 

Sleek and Noise Free Air Curtain

Air star Sleek and noise free Air curtain is stylish units deliver energy efficient and quiet protection against cold air, dust and insects from outside doors. It is the Solid nozzle has no blind zones and provides reliable protection and The unique birthplace flows the wind wheel air flue design, uses the high accuracy ABS manufactures Can the high speed transient equilibrium low noise revolution.

Freezer Room Air Curtain

The Air star cold/Freezer models are an improved range of industrial air curtains that are temperature rated from minus 25 degrees centigrade (-25C ) to plus 60 degrees centigrade ( +60C) which makes these units the perfect solution as a cold room air curtain . It’s provide a powerful ambient air seal across the opening of cold rooms or refrigerated stores to prevent the cold air from escaping and warm air from entering the cold room or refrigerated area.

Flame Proof Air Curtain

Air star offer a qualitative range of Flame Proof Air Curtains, It’s specially Designed to Run in Highly Inflammable Areas where the Chances of Sparks are high. Hence these Specially Made Air Curtains incorporate Special Flame Proof Motors that in the Event of an Emergency Spark Inside the Motor do not Allow the Sparks to Go Outside the Motor Casing thus Preventing Chances of Fire. This High Velocity Cushion of Air also helps in Preventing Dust, Insects, Smoke, Odor, etc. from Entering Inside.

Stainless Steel Air Curtain

Air star Stainless steel industrial air curtains are suitable for a range of projects, particularly those which will be used in the technology is simple in design and made with stainless steel construction to provide a long life, decreasing the potential for rust and facilitating easy cleaning of the unit.

Insect Barrier Air Curtain

Air curtains create an invisible air barrier that in most cases is used to avoid the loss of temperature through any building opening. However, air curtains are used for many other applications. One of the most demanded applications is to avoid the entrance of flies or other flying insects inside a building, as well as small rodents. Therefore to comply with this application, Air star Insect Barrier Air Curtain full filling the customer requirement such as demanding characteristics in terms of power, performance and efficiency.

High Velocity Air Curtain

Air star High velocity Air curtain is designed by modern technology with high energy efficiency. It's quite operation and high velocity, Air star specially designed for high efficiency for that the cross flow fan delivers high air velocity and wide coverage. Its creating pleasant environment and avoiding unwanted air flow such as hot or cold air from open places. It’s lower noise level and will not distribute your Industry areas. Lower power consumption with high efficiency motors Assist to prevent dust and dirt from outdoors, maintaining clean and healthy indoor environment, the high velocity Air curtain uses are manufacturing sectors, Retail shops, Mining sites etc...

EHV-Air Curtain

Extra High velocity Air curtain (EHV Air curtain) has the benefits of most standard models of curtains but with the added advantages of being even more advanced. We are manufactured to meet even higher specifications and are particularly robust. Additionally, ithas a higher capacity when compared to standard air curtains, and this means that Air star are the great option for a variety of environments.

AHV - Regular

in mm 
W x H x L
' M/sec'
 Air flow 
in Mtrs.
 Motor Rating
Wats      RBM
Current Input
Volts       Phase
 Noise level
 AHV - 2'
265x255x 610
150       1420
230          Single
AHV - 3' 
265x255x 915
150       1420
230          Single
AHV - 1mtr
265x255x 1000
150       1420 
230          Single 
 AHV - 4'
265x255x 1200
150       1420
230          Single
AHV - 5' 
265x255x 1525
150       1420
230          Single 
AHV - 6'
265x255x 1830
150       1420
230          Single
AHV - 2mtr
265x255x 2000
150       1420
230          Single