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Banish flies with ease with Air Star MS Powder Coated Fly Killer.

The MS Coated Fly killer is a dependable solution for effectively managing flying insect populations in diverse environments. Crafted from robust mild steel (MS), this fly killer is designed to endure continuous use in demanding settings while providing consistent performance.


Equipped with a high-voltage electric grid, the fly killer swiftly dispatches flying insects upon contact, ensuring rapid and efficient elimination. Despite its potent electrocution mechanism, the unit is engineered with safety features such as protective grills or shields to prevent accidental contact by humans or pets.

Big Title

Type: MS Powder Coat Body
Coverage Area: Typically ranges from 500 to 600 square meters
UV Lamp Wattage: Varies depending on the model 20W
Size: Standard size compatible with the fly killer model
Material: MS Body construction for durability
Power Source: Standard electrical outlet 50W/230V
Dimensions: Width, height, and depth dimensions vary depending on the model
Certifications: Compliance with relevant safety and quality standards 
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