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Step into comfort with our invisible shield,
Air star Recessed
Air Curtain

The recessed air curtain offers a discreet and effective solution for climate control and energy efficiency in various commercial and industrial settings. Installed within doorways or entrances, it creates a powerful barrier of air to prevent the exchange of indoor and outdoor temperatures, effectively maintaining indoor comfort while minimizing energy loss. Suitable for retail stores, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and other high-traffic areas.

Recessed Air Curtain

Seamless Integration: Designed for recessed installation, the air curtain seamlessly integrates into doorways or entrances without obstructing the architectural aesthetics. 
Temperature Regulation: The recessed air curtain helps regulate indoor temperatures by creating a barrier of air that prevents cold drafts in winter and hot air infiltration in summer.
Energy Efficiency: By minimizing the exchange of air between indoor and outdoor environments, the recessed air curtain contributes to energy savings and operational efficiency.
Air Quality Improvement: In addition to temperature control, the recessed air curtain helps improve indoor air quality by preventing the ingress of outdoor pollutants, dust, and debris. 
Customizable Options: The recessed air curtain is available in various sizes, configurations, and control options to suit different doorway dimensions and application requirements

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