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Create Your mobile chill zone, wherever the road takes you with Air star Refrigerated vehicle PVC Strip Curtain

The Refrigerated Vehicle PVC Strip Curtain is an indispensable solution for maintaining precise temperature control and preserving the integrity of perishable goods during transit. Crafted from high-quality PVC material, this curtain forms a durable barrier at the entrances of refrigerated trucks and vans, effectively sealing off the cargo area from external elements.

Refrigerated vehicle PVC Strip Curtain

Temperature Control: Installed on the rear or side entrances of refrigerated vehicles, these strip curtains help to maintain the desired temperature within the cargo area, preventing temperature fluctuations and ensuring the freshness of the transported goods.
Energy Efficiency: By minimizing the loss of cold air when the vehicle doors are opened, the strip curtain contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the workload on the vehicle's refrigeration system, thus saving fuel and operating costs.
Product Protection: The strip curtain acts as a barrier against external elements such as dust, debris, and insects, safeguarding the quality and hygiene of the transported goods.
Compliance: In industries such as food transportation and pharmaceuticals, where strict regulations govern temperature control and hygiene standards, the use of refrigerated vehicle PVC strip curtains helps ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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