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Shielding Sparks, Unveiling Safety with Air star Welding  
PVC Strip Curtain

The welding PVC strip curtain is specially designed for welding environments to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity. It acts as a protective barrier, shielding workers and equipment from sparks, UV radiation, and harmful welding fumes. Suitable for welding workshops, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and industrial applications.

PVC Strip Curtain

Material: High-quality PVC material
Thickness: Typically ranges from 1mm to 3mm
Strip Width: Standard widths range from 100mm to 400mm
Strip Length: Customizable lengths available to fit specific door widths and heights
Temperature Resistance: Suitable for temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C
Color Options: Available in red, green, yellow, and black for enhanced visibility and safety
UV Resistance: Resistant to UV degradation for extended lifespan
Mounting Options: Offered with overhead suspension, wall mounting, or track systems for easy installation
Certifications: Compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations for welding safety and protection

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