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Air Star: A Leader in Air Curtain Manufacturing

Air Star is a renowned manufacturer in the field of air
curtains, specializing in producing top-quality air
curtain systems for various industries. With years of
experience, expertise, authority, and trust, Air Star
has established a leading position in the market,
providing innovative solutions to enhance indoor air
quality, energy efficiency, and overall comfort.

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Our Services

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The Air star Air Curtain effectively stops
insects, dust particles, and unpleasant odors from infiltrating your space without
obstructing the flow of foot traffic. Its
lightweight build and sleek design ensure
easy installation and seamless integration into your existing décor.

Air Curtain

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Looking for an effective solution to get rid of
flies? Look no further than Air Star Fly Killer.
Our innovative product is designed to
efficiently eliminate flies, providing you with a
fly-free environment. Say goodbye to
annoying buzzing and hello to a pest-free
space. Try Air Star Fly Killer today and
experience the difference!

Fly Killer

Improve safety and efficiency with Air Star
PVC Strip Curtain. Our high-quality PVC strip
curtains are designed to provide superior
protection from temperature fluctuations,
noise, dust, and pests. Install our durable PVC
strip curtain for a cost-effective solution that
enhances productivity in your facility.

PVC Strip Curtain

"Get superior temperature control for your
commercial space with the Air Star Air Curtain
Heater. Say goodbye to cold drafts and hello
to energy-saving warmth. Perfect for
maintaining a comfortable environment and
reducing utility costs.

Air Curtain Heater

Look no further than Air Star! Our innovative
and high-performance hand dryer
guarantees fast and hygienic drying every
time. Say goodbye to wet hands with Air Star's
cutting-edge technology. Experience the
ultimate convenience and cleanliness with the
best hand dryer on the market. Invest in Air
Star for a superior drying experience.

Hand Dryer

Discover the powerful Jet Hand Dryer from Air
Star. Experience the ultimate in fast and
hygienic hand drying. Eliminate waste and
promote cleanliness with our innovative and
reliable hand drying solution. Say goodbye to
paper towels and hello to the efficiency of the
Air Star Jet Hand Dryer.

Jet Hand Dryer



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